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General Festival Info

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Main Arena Seating and Space

You can leave your blanket, etc., on the ground and stay in one spot for the entire day. However, you will have to find a new spot the next day as tarps/blankets may not be left out overnight. Whatever’s left in the arena will be taken to Lost and Found. Also, keep in mind that you may not use stakes to secure blankets.
Chairs are allowed in the main arena area but only to the rear of the sound tower. The front of the sound tower is reserved for blankets.
Under no circumstances should you block the aisle or rush the stage.

Entrance, Exit, and Parking

The gates will be open to the public on the first day all through to the last day. For day ticket holders, the gates will open according to the event schedule times. Parking is near our main entrance and is free.

Check-in and Check-Out?

All guests are welcome to check-in as early as 9 AM on opening day and check out by 10 AM on closing day.

Photography and Videos

Regular cameras and video cameras are permitted at Freedom Fest. However, any professional camera equipment (including tripods, cameras with removable lenses, etc.) is not.
Guests can only take concert photos from wherever they’re standing or sitting; no special passes will be issued. Also, videotaping an entire performance is prohibited. This is agreed upon by the Freedom Fest and the performing artist to protect the artists’ copyrights on content. Thank you for your cooperation.

Things You Can Bring to the Fest

You can bring things like your ticket, pen and notebook, sleeping bag, tent or camper, flashlight, cooking supplies, buckets, BIBLE, washbasin, umbrella, toothpaste, soap, towels, insect repellent, money, sunglasses, hat, sweater, and blanket.

Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed on the festival grounds or in parking and camping areas. Please make arrangements with a nearby kennel (or a family member) to care for your pet while you are at the Festival.


With ‘burn restrictions,’ no fires are allowed. However, propane and pellet grills are permitted.


Guests are given access to cold showers—available in the tent site area with private stalls.


Family Tickets

A family ticket allows six people from the same household (children under 18). If you have a need over these numbers, please reach out to us.

Are Bar Coded E-tickets Transferable? 

Your bar-coded ticket(s) can be sold and used by another party.

Group Campsite

The tent camping area is an open area camping site. That means it is first-come, first-serve. There will be plenty of space for you to section your group, no matter how big.

Handicap Access

We provide access to people with disabilities. 

We have designated a drop-off access point for people with a handicap to drop family, friends, or clients close to the event. People who wish to use this access point will be required to have an official handicap sticker or plate on their car. Once dropped off, the driver must park their vehicle in the Tent Parking or Day Parking area. 

Additionally, we have a handicap seating area for the event, which has a ramp for easy wheelchair access. You will find the handicap seating located on the upper deck next to the Dining Hall.


Our goal is to be in substantial compliance with any and all local laws. As of now, President Biden and the CDC have deemed it safe for vaccinated people to meet. However, many Christians are choosing not to get vaccinated as it’s against their beliefs.
That said, your health is your responsibility. Freedom Fest will have masks available for those who want them. We honor everyone’s choice regardless of whether you’re vaccinated, using a mask, or not. We are celebrating our freedom!
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